Why US?

We are constantly growing company on the market with rich experience. Since the inception of our company, we focus on quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. On an ongoing basis we try to get to know custemr's needs. We are always ready to serve professional advice. The services we provide are made very carefully. We always guarantee high quality and short lead time. By reading the following text you will find out all the details. Precise descriptions are available in individual sections of our website. Construction and modernization of lightweight construction.

We provide comprehensive servise including construction and modernization of the objects of utility in the technology of light steel structures, such as:
* production halls, warehouses and workshops
* livestock buildings
* retail buildings
* sport halls
* carports
We also construct relating to special vehicles. Our offer includes, among other things:
* Built-vehicle roadside assistance
* frame extension of trucks
* extension of individual installations trucks
* special purpose vehicle registrations.
In the section of special vehicles we have descriptions of performance and picture made ​​cabinetry.
Wickets, gates, bays, etc. ...
In our offer you can find robust fences with unique designs.
Using the rich catalogue of forged decorative element we can compose any pattern according to the needs and vision of the client.
We produce fences on the basis of modern designs, which are made of profiles.
We have a large selection of designs. The offer is presented in the "fences" bookmark.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full offer.
After reviewing the range of our products, please contact us to use our services.
To contact us, please use the convenient for you form of contact available in the "contact" bookmark.