Hexagon System consists of three elements: arches, doors and gates.
This is a solution for you, if you are planning to hedge in - for example around the new house,
and when you want to renew the existing fence. Fences CABG are universal:
they can be adjusted to any kind of property and differently shaped area.
Building a brand new fence, it is best to select the span of a standard width (2m)
Their production would be shorter than the non-standard dimensions. If necessary,
each pattern spans can be adjusted to the required width. For example, the width between
existing posts when renewed old fence. Every element can be custom made,
so you can determine exactly what you need. We work with many
blacksmith manufacturers producing decorative elements so you are not limited to narrow list of spans.
You can compose such a design that will perfectly fit stylistically into the environment and
for example, the architecture of your home.
High quality. What is meant by quality, when talking about fences?
The most important things are their durability and reliability, as well as the repeatability of the pattern.
The main role play the materials used and the accuracy of the elements.
Fence built on a robust framework retains its form over the years,
when the weaker will need replacement. In addition, an experienced manufacturer uses thought-out
design solutions which makes element mounting easier.


The wicket based on the same frame as the gate maintains continuity of the aesthetic pattern. It can be used not only for entrance to the property from the outside -
it also works as a transition between plots.
Technical details.Simply opening hinged fi 30.
Three types of locks to choose from depending on your needs:
Traditional cylinder (handle + sign) - aesthetic and safe (possibility of such. Inserts Gerda);
* Drum, that is closing without lock: convenient opening and closing, for use inside the property when you do not need to close a key;


Gates types are divided into sliding and swing. Sliding doors are a modern solution:
it just opens much quicker and are easier to handle. The gate wing is a traditional alternative out there,
where you can not install sliding gate - for example, due to the shape of the plot.

*Sliding Gates

The supporting structure with 50x50 profile. Gateway maintains its shape (what might be a problem if a profile frame 50x30).
The shifting mechanism in the system of semi-closed channel section. This is a new technology,
which excludes the lock gates, for example, by snow or the ground and prevents falling out of the guide.
Gate is moving on eight or twelve roller wheelchairs, which are admittedly more expensive than three roller,
but they are much more durable and do not need to be replaced every season. The whole moves across the strip leading and holding.
Thanks to this division and behaves when closing gate goes exactly in the lock. Closed gate relies on a wheelchair rest,
thereby relieving the carriages sliding and greatly increases their lifespan. Sliding gate of Hexagon is ready for installation automation.
It is worth noting that the automation for sliding gates is cheaper than the swing gates.

*Swing gates

Reinforced profiles of the pillars of the hinges to prevent "mowing" the gates as a result of use,
and also against bending or broken away, of the hinge. All doors are equipped with the spacer screw, i.e. the element,
whereby after closing the gate pillars are relieved.
The closure of three bolts and the padlock is safe and solid.
Because the hinged door mount min. fi 30, she works slightly and jams.
* Electro - connects the intercom and controlled from home.