Industry - Steel Hall

Our steel structures are adjusted individually according to the customer needs. We provide comprehensive implementation of orders which inlcude: calculation, design, manufacture, transport and assembly. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

It is possible to protect the ordered structure by zinc:

Galvanizing is a modern and technologically advanced process that protects iron and steel from rust. The high quality of the coating is the result of several special properties of zinc and steel. Zinc alloy coating, formed from the steel surface, covering all internal and external surfaces of the element. To illustrate the effectiveness of the zinc coating below we give minimum periods of its durability depending on the environment:
* inland area, industrial, heavy industry – 20 years,
* coast, industrial area, heavy industry – 20 years,
* inland area, the urban environment, light industry and the average – 30 years,
* coast, urban and agricultural environment – 30 years,
* inland area, agricultural area – 65 years.
* For very aggressive environment minimum 15 years. The durability of the zinc surface, depending on the aggressiveness of the environment is from 20 to 65 years.
* Thickness of coating may vary from 80 to 210 microns (1 micron = 0,001 mm). The durability of the zinc coating depends on the thickness and conditions under which it will be operated , ie .:
* the acidity of rainfall,
* the presence of acidic impurities in the air,
* erosion caused by windblown sand and dust.


* Our company provides all the components to the construction site, it is a process that requires from us a lot of experience, dimensions of structural elements often exceed the limits of free transport, at the same time they must be adequately protected against damage, this is anti-corrosion coating, or protection against moving, our company organize transport of each item with precision.

Lighting wall and roof

* Lighting the hall inside by skylight window is a good way to save electricity. Roof with skylights (band) is currently the cheapest way of lighting for large objects.
* Currently, the most popular material for the manufacture of polycarbonate skylights is a multi-along with profiles of aluminum or steel. Skylight elements constructed on the basis of this material are lightweight, durable and what is crucial - thermo-insulated and resistant to freezing. What is more hail manufacturer for their product gives a 10 year warranty. Good quality and appropriately mounted skylight does not cause a large heat loss from the building.
* We use boards which have ITB Technical Approval and certificate and are covered by a 10-year warranty.